Happy new year all! I have a few posts lined up for the start of the year and I will also be releasing FinDemo for CRM 2015 in the next few weeks (also available on Demo Builder). So keep an eye on the blog and my twitter feed for more news on these.

This week I want to share some ideas that my team have been working on, in particular some great work by Justin Moor.

At Microsoft we often talk about the great value we can bring as “One Microsoft”, that is to say the way Dynamics leverages all the different services Microsoft offer and how we bring these together in a really useful way to business users. With the acquisitions we have made as part of the Dynamics Business (Dynamics Marketing aka Marketing Pilot, Microsoft Social Listening aka Netbreeze and Parature Customer Service) we also now also talk about “One Dynamics” the way that the different Dynamics applications and services come together to enable organisations to manage their entire customer lifecycle.


The two presentations below are part of how we tell this story.

Below are two PowerPoint documents that you can download and use for your own use. Please be aware that there are  number of transitions in these documents so you need to see these in presentation mode to view them properly. I have recorded them as videos so you can see what this looks like.

There is much more work going on with these documents so I’ll post more shortly but if you have any comments or feedback that would be greatly appreciated.

PS I used Office Mix to record these demos and I highly recommend this as a tool!


One Microsoft” presentation recorded as a video (no audio – that will come sometime soon):


 “One Dynamics” presentation recorded as a video(no audio – that will come sometime soon):

One Microsoft” presentation – please download as a copy and view in presentation mode:

One Dynamics” presentation – please download as a copy and view in presentation mode:


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