WPC starts this week and to start the week on a high I have decided to publish my core financial services demo pack as a standalone install for on premises scenarios. I strongly advise that you continue to use DemoBuilder to provision the template as this comes preconfigured and will save you some time. For those times that you need it on premises enjoy. My only ask is constructive feedback on how this can be improved and any stories you have on how these have been used to help your clients would be much appreciated. Either via the comments on here on DM me via my twitter account.  BranchMarketingAnalytics The demo toolkit includes:

  • My core Financial services data model (Corporate, Investment, Retail Banking, Asset Management and more), forms, reports, dashboards, business process etc (with thanks to the team for their collaboration)
  • Paul Mare’s amazing Client 360 component configures for Financial Services scenarios
  • XRM Consultancy’s Timeline Component
  • North 52’s Formula Manager / Process Genie

To download the solution files, instructions and demo data visit the  solutions page here. This is a demonstration tool kit and is not recommended for production purposes. This post was originally published on https://markmargolis.wordpress.com. This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights.