Continuing with the theme of the newly released Financial Services demo toolkit (aka FinDemo) I want to share you a little more information on one of its components: Client360. This component was built by a colleague of mine Paul Mare and is one of the most useful CRM components I have ever used. So for this week I will give you some information on how to configure this component. Remember that FinDemo has the component already configured for Asset Management, Corporate Banking, Wealth and Retail Banking. I will be amending these configurations and adding new ones in a future release (by end of Q1 2014) but in the meantime you can configure your own following these instructions. A sample configuration file ready to import is also provided below.

Please note: This article refers to a later version of Client360 that didn’t make it into the current release of FinDemo so I’ll be providing information only on the items that are currently configurable and working.

Pre requisites: Create a trial using the Financial Services Template (FinDemo) here:

Client 360 Component

Open up a Company or Contact record (make sure you are on the right form, e.g. AM 360, Retail 360) and you will see something like the following image. Client 360 is made up of:

  • Tabs
  • Tiles
  • Zones
  • Guidance / Next Best Actions
  • Quick Buttons


Client360 Single View Settings

If you want to change what Client360 displays then you need to open up the Single View Seetings. Until I add Single View Settings to the sitemap you will need to go to Advanced Find to retrieve it:

  1. Advanced Find
  2. Look for Single View Settings
  3. Open an existing Single View Record

An example Single View Setting record is shown below:


Single View Setting is divided into the following Sections:

  • General
  • Horizontal Tab 1
  • Guidance Best Next Actions
  • Horizontal Tab 2
  • Horizontal Tab 3
  • And so on…

You can download an excel export of the above setting for import here:


  • Name: The name of the single view setting. This is referenced on the entity form Parameters. Make sure this is unique.
  • Description: Free text description
  • For Entity: Name of the entity that this relates too.

Horizontal Tab 1

  • Name: Name that you want to appear as the Tab 1 title
  • Entity: Use the name of the entity and put the word “Set” next to it. So for example the Product Holding Entity would be fin_productholdingSet Take care to make sure the case sensitivity is correct.
  • Primary Key: Use the schema name of the primary key (second column on the entity field list) So for example the Product Holding Primary Key would be fin_productholdingId 
  • Foreign Key: Use the schema name of the related entity. So for example on Product Holding I want to display the product holdings related to a company so this would be fin_CompanyId 
  • Filter: Child Records, Active Child Records or Custom Filter. Select Child Records
  • Tab 1 Content: Tiles, CRM Web Resource, CRM Chart. Select Tiles
  • Tile Layout: Small, Medium , Large, Case Process, Opportunity Process. Use Medium
  • Tab 1 URL: Leave blank
  • Icon Source: From field on entity, By Status Code, By Probability, Customer JavaScript Function, Specific Icon: Select From field on entity or Specific Icon
  • Icon File/Field: Enter the schema name of the field to use or select the name of the icon you want to use in the Single View Icons Libary
  • Color Source: From field on entity, By Status Code, By Probability, Customer JavaScript Function, Specific Icon: Select From field on entity or Specific Icon
  • Color Name/Field: Enter the schema name of the field to use or enter a hex code of the color you wish to use
  • Zone 1: Information/Field that you displayed in zone 1. Enter the Schema name.
  • Zone 1 Formatter: None, Currency, Date, Lookup, Picklist, Proper Case, Remove ‘(sample)’, Custom JavaScript Function. Use None for text fields tyes, Currency for Money, Date for Date & Time, Lookup for related entity.
  • Zone 2: as zone 1
  • Zone 2 Formatter: as zone 1
  • Zone 3: as zone 1
  • Zone 3 Formatter: as zone 1
  • Title: Information/Field that you displayed in Title. Enter the Schema name.
  • Title Formatter: as zone 1

Guidance Best Next Actions:

  • Next Best Action 1: Text you want to appear in the Guidance Best Next Action column
  • Random Word List 1: Random text you want to appear in the Guidance Best Next Action column

Quick Buttons:

Button 1 Name: Name you want to appear in the Quick Buttons Column
Button 1 Action: The action you want the button to perform. In this version the quick buttons are static. In the next version you will be able to:

  • Create New Related Record
  • Create New Emtpy Record
  • Quick Create New (empty) Record
  • Pop-UP Web Resourse
  • Show Associated Records
  • Custom Javascript Function
  • Do Nothing

Horizontal Tab 2, 3, etc

As above

Adding Client360 to a form

  1. Create or edit a form (via Solutions or Customisations)
  2. Insert Web Resource: ms_SingleViewDisplay.html
    1. Custom Parameter: name of the Singleview Setting (under General, see above)
    2. Formatting: One column
    3. Number of rows 18
    4. Scrolling: Never
    5. Display border: no


As you can see there is  much more to come, as I said earlier I have focussed on describing the features that are currently fully working but you can see from the configuration settings what enhancements are coming. In the next version (coming on in the next 4-8 weeks) you will be for example able to configure the Quick Buttons and these will be dynamic. I am certain this documentation can be improved so if you find any gaps please send them in.

Thanks for reading.


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