I recently rebuilt my demo to coincide with the launch of CRM 2013 and this means I needed to reconfigure CRM, SharePoint and SQL in order to display my Power View reports in CRM. With all the work I needed to do in order to prepare for Convergence EMEA I just didn’t have the time. Fortunately my colleagues Eric Boocock and John Straumann had an innovative suggestion. With SharePoint 2013 you can now upload a Power View Report in Excel and with a simple configuration it will render embedded in the page essentially giving you the same as if you had Power View and SQL 2013 and SharePoint fully configured! From a demo perspective this was exactly what I needed. See below for an example of a PowerView report embedded in CRM viewed from the Outlook Client:


Set-up instructions:

  1. Create an Office 365 E3 Trial (it has to be an E3 trial, I believe you can use SharePoint on Premises  but remember to enable Webb Apps)
  2. Upload a Power View report. You can use the same one (PowerViewOppsExample) from my previous article
  3. Open the PowerView Excel document from SharePoint (it should render as a web app) and copy the URL E.g. https://yoursharepoint.sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc={documentguidisinhere}&action=default
  4. Change the last few characters of the URL from &action=default to &action=embedview
  5. Create a new system dashboard (it has to be a system dashboard in order to not restrict cross frame scripting). Add an Iframe and paste the URL. Make sure Restrict Cross Frame Scripting is not ticked.
  6. Save and Publish.

If you have any problems such as the message “This content cannot be displayed in a frame” then do the following:

  1. Close all browsers
  2. Goto the office 365 portal and login
  3. Open a new tab and goto the SharePoint site and check that you can open the report
  4. Open CRM and test again

If you continue to have problems follow the steps on my earlier article CRM 2011 & SharePoint iFrame Error and make the necessary browser changes. After that you should be good to go. I have problems but I followed all these steps, rebooted and then it has worked flawlessly ever since.

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