It has been an exciting few weeks at Microsoft recently, the launch of CRM 2013 is in full swing and Convergence is only a few weeks away. I have 2-3 speaking sessions, so if your going, I do hope you’ll come by and say hello. I’ve been asked to cover Convergence via my twitter feed and blog so stay tuned for the latest and more information on that very soon, including a behind the scenes view. Follow me on twitter to find out more @markmargolis. For those of you that saw the Blitz webcast and my demo on Financial Services Business Process (Client KYC, Deal, On boarding and Account Planning) thanks for the great feedback, I promise it will be available on Pinpoint soon. I’ll add a solutions area on this site with additional information as soon as I’m given the OK!

Activities Tab configuration

In the meantime I want to cover a specific area of CRM 2013. If you have been working with CRM 2013 recently you will have noticed many changes. One of these changes is the way Notes, Activity Feeds and Activities are displayed on the form. These three elements are now combined into a single control. If you have upgraded from CRM 2011 and you are having problems adding an Activity Feed wall on an entity then I have the solution for you as well.

Once you successfully added and configured the control then it should look something like this. You can view Posts, Activities and Feeds from the sale control:


When you have added he control of the form from the form designer you can also determine what tab you would like to set as default:


It is as simple as going to the insert tab in the form designer and selecting notes. Double click on the control and you can set the properties as above. However if the notes is grayed out or inactive then you probably already have the notes component on the form:


Find the notes or delete then and re insert them and you’ll be able to set the appropriate parameters.

Problems if you have upgraded from CRM 2011

If you have upgraded from CRM 2011 and you cannot get the Activity Feed to display on a record wall (a problem I had) then you have most likely not enabled the entity for Activity feeds in “Post Configurations”. Also if like me you removed “Post Configurations” from the sitemap (or if for some reason it is not there) then you are going to have to make site map changes to get your entities to display an activity feed wall. Please note that getting to “Post Configuration” via the advanced find will not work (tried that also). You will have to edit the site map. Fortunately its very simple.

1. Check that you sill have Post Configurations in the Site Map by going to Settings > Post Configurations

If you do not then you need to edit the site map (download the SDK for full documentation). A full SDK article will be available for this shortly,including a managed solution file. In the meantime here is a snippet from my colleague.

2. Add Post Configuration to the site map if it is missing

Locate the three Area elements with the Id values ” SFA”, “CS”, and “MA”. Add the following Group element to each (sorry I lost the formatting).

<Group Id=”MyWork”
<SubArea Id=”nav_personalwall”
<Privilege Entity=”post”
Privilege=”Read” />
<Group Id=”Tools”
<SubArea Id=”nav_traces”
<Privilege Entity=”tracelog”

Locate the Area element with the Id=”Settings” and add the following Group:

<Group Id=”System_Setting”
DescriptionResourceId=”Menu_Label_System” >
<SubArea Id=”nav_social”
AvailableOffline=”false” />
<SubArea Id=”msdyn_postconfig”
Entity=”msdyn_postconfig” />
<SubArea Id=”msdyn_postruleconfig”
Entity=”msdyn_postruleconfig” />

3. Activate the Post Configuration for the required entity (make sure wall enabled is yes)

Settings > Post Confiruations > Select Entiity > Activate > Publish the entity

4. One more thing

If you are still having problems then recreate the form in form designer and you’ll be good to go.

That should be it, let me know if you still have problems.

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