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Continuing with the financial services theme I wanted to write about some of the most successful case studies in the industry. Rather than just provide you a link to the case studies I have tried to pull out the salient points in two to four bullet points. If you want further detail then I have also included the full case study should you wish to read on.

I try to stay on top of the latest projects and CRM implementations in the financial services industry, keeping current with the latest trends and best practises is a key part of my job. I keep in regular contact with existing and previous clients and regularly catch up with people in the field to find out what they are doing in the client management arena. With so much going on it can be quite a challenge, fortunately Microsoft also maintains a site dedicated to case studies, If you use the advanced find you can filter by industry and product. Below are some of the ones I use most frequently, there are many, many more.

Some of the largest and most successful financial institution in the world use Microsoft Dynamics CRM unfortunately we can’t name them publicly! One such organisation is a major bank here in the UK, they went live in a matter of a few short months and are delivering new business processes to the organisation every week! Their CRM project is in fact so successful and cost effective that many other departments are looking to deliver their projects on the Microsoft CRM platform. A quite unexpected and  good problem for the CRM delivery team! I hope to be able to share more information on this later in the year. In the meantime here are plenty of other great stories!





Citi Private Bank deploys Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Citi Private Bank is part of Citigroup and delivers private banking services to ultra-high net worth customers across the world. Three years ago, the company launched Project Sheen – an initiative focused on delivering an optimal client experience across all touchpoints.

  • Approximately 1,000 Citi Private Bank employees are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Implemented across locations in Asia in November 2012 and the full roll out across all regions worldwide was completed by August 2013.  “Ease of implementation was important for us. We had already experienced the challenge of trying a new CRM system that didn’t work and so it was important that the switch was seamless – and it was,”
  • Citi wanted to ensure that customer information is held in a logical and ordered way that enables bankers to best evaluate clients’ portfolios and to identify investment opportunities.
  • “our technology team considered Microsoft Dynamics CRM and found that it was everything we wanted and more. Most importantly, it could serve as a global solution and integrate with the platform we were currently using.”
  • “Another factor we found to be positive with Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the ability to be compliant with regulatory requirements in each jurisdiction,”
  • We can deliver solutions to our clients in a much more relevant way because we understand their needs,”. “We know what they’re interested in and what their preferences are, which means we can target them better.”








Natwest.  Natwest has a long history, now a part of the Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest joined one of the largest financial services groups in the world, with more than 3,600 branches of its own.

  • Gained more than 95% user adoption
  • Deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM at NatWest took only four months, with the solution going live to 3,000 users in April 2013
  • Consolidated view of all customer touch points and streamline processes to free up employee time to better focus on those customers.

  • Drives cross-selling opportunities through value-added customer interactions
  • CRM helps them delvier a personalized service which supports customers in achieving their ambitions


Metro Bank. Metro Bank is Britain’s first new High Street bank in over 100 years.  They offer banking focused on the customer through high levels of service and convenience.

  • UK Retail bank using CRM online, Office 365, SharePoint, Yammer, Lync etc.
  • “Fans not customers and a culture that is based around the customer”. “surprise and delight”
  • “Be there when the customer wants them”
  • Chose Microsoft CRM over SalesForce
  • “Microsoft CRM is our customer platform


Raymond James provide broker services, capital markets and fixed income products. All about personalised financial planning.

  • 6,000 Financial advisors across the world
  • 4,000,000 Clients
  • 20,0000 -30,000 transactions updates every day with updates to CRM in real time
  • Full back office integration that improves advisor efficiency and enables them to provide a personalised service
  • Knowledge is held in once place so that they can proactive personalised services
  • Access to information remotely wherever they are on mobile devices.


Henderson Global Investors. £65 billion in assets under management. Employing 1,000 people across 15 locations worldwide

  • Automated marketing
  • Mobile access
  • Better quality data & better reporting
  • Comprehensive view of their investors


Russell Investments. Founded in 1936 and having over 580 independent distributor partners Russell Investment has $237.3 billion under management

  • 50 % cost saving compared with the leading on-demand competitor
  • Solution based on Microsoft CRM Online
  • Integration to other Microsoft technologies deployed like Lync, SharePoint, and Office
  • Expect the go-to-market time for new capabilities and vertical workloads like wealth management will be cut in half,


Allianz is one of the world leading Insurance organisations and is active in life and non-life, health, personal, and commercial insurance.

  • Reduced quote time by 30%
  • Significantly improved the quality of its distribution relationship management of brokers
  • Brokers are getting new product information to their customers faster and taking advantage of better management from our relationship managers


ING Bank (wanted to improve its market position by investing in CRM for the Salesforce) – Video Case Study http://youtu.be/W-ULdT3jkC4

  • 4 Month implementation
  • Maximise direct opportunities with customers
  • More productive sales time
  • Streamline the sales process


LV is the UK’s largest friendly society and has 5500 employees working in 17 offices. It provides investment and insurance services to more than 5 million members and customers

  • 66 % reduction in sales administration
  • Centralised, secure data repository which is easily accessible by both in-house and on-the-road sales teams
  • Automation of previously manual tasks, while management have much greater visibility of profitability and are easily able to meet their compliance and auditing commitments


Sun National Bank (Wanted to be faster and more effective, and easy to implement and bring to market quickly)

  • Increased cross selling by 20%
  • Increased Loan profitability
  • Reduces time to approve loans by 80%
  • Reduces time-to-market by 67%, cost by 75%


MKB Bank (Improve the customer experience and marketing and sales force efficiency)

  • Customer service times improved by 25%
  • Customer churn decreased by 5%
  • Migration of customers to higher value segments takes on average 20% less time


Dubai Bank (Single customer view for service agents)

  • Quicker time to revenue through faster account opening
  • Reduction of service agent applications from eight to one


BancaTransilvania (Increase growth and adopt new business automation process and handle increasing volume of multi channel interactions )

  • Increase call centre productivity by 30%
  • Internet banking subscriptions processing is 75 %  faster
  • Greater control on the productivity and efficiency of the users and the business


Sasfin Bank (Increase revenue, improve risk analysis with single view of the customer)

  • Reduce costs associated with gathering customer data and  determining risk exposure
  • Provide easier approach to meet customer-satisfaction benchmarks
  • Streamline customer portfolio management


Oschadbank (Respond efficiently and effectively to a very large call volumes)

  • Implementation of Call Center across 6000 branches
  • Multi Channel (calls, SMS, e-mail), to attract, retain and service with minimum time and effort for both parties.


Garanti Pension. Garanti Pension provides life insurance services in Turkey, with a net asset value of US $1.8 billion and second place in overall market share.

  • Sales Team Efficiency Increased by 25 Percent
  • Call handling per day increased 50 percent

  • Contributions per customer increased 85 percent since 2007

  • Average resolution time reduced by 75 percent



BP Energy Trading. P has one of the largest and most successful energy trading organisations in the world, known as Integrated Supply & Trading (IST). As the single trading face of international oil and gas company BP, IST does business in over 140 countries and has a global portfolio of around 12,000 customers and suppliers.

  • Organisation wide collaboration
  • Using Dynamics CRM to meet high client demands and expectations
  • 3000 employees, BP’s Energy Trading business is also  known as Integrated Supply & Trading (IST). 80% of BP Group’s turnover flows through this supply and trading business
  • “Basically, if you can manage your Outlook e-mail you can start using some of the functionality in Dynamics CRM without much effort. I believe this makes a huge difference when it comes to successful organisation-wide adoption.”

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