I often get asked by clients as they embark on a development project with Microsoft Dynamics CRM about the software, tools and utilities they should use. So here is a list (thanks to colleagues past and present).

  • MSCRM SDK (download here). This includes a couple of important tools:
    • Developer Toolkit – for creating MSCRM projects (e.g. plugins/custom workflows/etc)
    • Plugin Registration Tool – you can register and publish plugins via Developer Toolkit now, but the plugin registration tool is a little more advanced
    • Help files for local use, and other stuff/samples that are quite useful
  • Dynamics CRM 2011 Developer Training Kit (download here)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Implementation Guide (download here)
  • Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step 2012 and Sure Step Online – (details on partnersource or customersource)
  • Ribbon Workbench by Develop 1 (download here) – Solution you import into Dynamics CRM
  • SiteMap Editor by Tanguy (download here). Or you can download his Toolbox for Dynamics CRM 2011 suite that also includes (Attribute Bulk Updater, Iconator, Role Updater, Scripts Finder, SiteMap Editor, Solution Import, View Layout Replicator, WebResources Manager) here.
  • Formula Manager by North52 (download here) – Solution you import into Dynamics CRM
  • XRM Developer Framework by Wael Hamze and Ramon Tebar (download here)
  • OData Query Designer -(download here) Another MSCRM solution. Or you can download the OData Query Designer as part of Dynamics Tools here
  • Resharper – For super speedy development
  • Microsoft Hyper V – for running local images (this works realty well on Windows 8)

Other Useful Links

  • Best Practices for Developing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (article here)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer Center on MSDN (article here)
  • List of Tools and Utilities by Everything CRM (article here)

Other Tools to think about:

Source Control

  • If TFS you’ll need this installed. Install the Power Tools as well.
  • If it’s Git/GitHub/BitBucket you’ll need either a windows Gui or Git Bash for command prompt.


  • Mocking Library. Loot at Rhino Mocks, Moq, etc.Although a lot of these libraries can be stored in source control.
  • Performance Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Solution on Marketplace. Download here)
  • MICROSOFT FAKES and xRM Dev Framework (Download here)
  • Visual Studio Ultimate edition for load testing

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