Thank you to everyone for the great feedback and interest on my last post on Business Value Realisation. I’ll be adding more on this topic in due course.

For this week I wanted to share with you a presentation I did just recently for a partner event. Firstly I would like to thank Jukka Nirrranen for giving me permission to use his screenshots from an article he wrote back in 2013. I took his screenshots and turned it into a presentation to highlight the rate of innovation that we are seeing in the Microsoft CRM Platform, particularly in recent years. I certainly had a lot of fun putting it together although I did make me feel really old!

A brief history of Microsoft CRM

A brief history of Microsoft CRM

Please note that the dates are not official dates from Microsoft but I think they are quite accurate.

I have recorded the key points of the presentation below using office mix. I have cut out the final part of the presentation and demo as I am keeping this as a surprise for a future post. Trust me it something I think this is something you will like 🙂

It was a great venue, see below:

The PowerPoint presentation is below, you will need to watch this is presentation mode for it to work as there are builds.

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