My last article “Microsoft CRM 2013 Spring Wave (SP1) Deconstructed”  focussed on the new application features of CRM, this time I am going to cover the following:

  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Office Outlook
  • CRM for Tablets
  • Unified Service Desk (USD)
  • SDK
  • CRM Online



This release brings enhancements for organisation using CRM Online and SharePoint on-line by providing server side integration and authentication with SharePoint Online. Please note that for the following scenarios  you will need to continue using the List Component:

  • hybrid configuration, e.g. CRM Online, SharePoint On Premises
  • Not on office 365 e..g you are using Microsoft  liveid)
  • Different office 365 tennants

If you are running a configuration that supports the sever side integration then it is really easy to enable SharePoint. In CRM head over to Settings > Document Management > Enable Server Based SharePoint Integration and follow the online steps.



 Microsoft Office Outlook

The Outlook client has been updates to allow for the new application features and forms (e.g. SLA etc) discussed in my last post. Note the compatibility matrix below:





Microsoft CRM for Tablets:

In this update we have added:

  • Support for Android
  • A specific Windows 8.1 App (there are now 2 apps in the store if you are running 8.1) – Offline caching for on premises deployments, resize to 500px window for split screen
  • Ability to reconfigure and or sign in  without uninstall /  reinstall
  • Added additional entity support (e.g. Cases, Queues, Entitlements , Social Activity, Social Profiles etc)
  • Additional Security configurations (URI’s for On Premises configurations)

Unified Service Desk (USD)

USD provides a configurable framework for quickly building call center applications that provides “unified” access to customer information in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and can be extended to access information in other Line of Business (LOB) applications.

  • Easily handle simultaneous interactions through voice, chat and email
  • Increase effectiveness using guided scripts and in-context application automation
  • Easy to configure and designed to integrate legacy applications
  • Reduce process complexity for end users



You can read a lot more on this on the MSDN network here.


For the full details on what is included in the latest SDK visit the developer centre here: or take a look on MSDN here:

CRM Online New Features

  • Sandbox Instances (free test instances for orgs with over 25 professional users)
  • Reset sandbox instances (deletes a sandbox instance and provisions a new one)
  • Administration Mode for Sandboxes (disables access for non admins, disable background operations, custom messages for end users)
  • Copy instances (Full or Minimal Copy). E.g. you can copy your production instance to easily create a UAT or training environment


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