The team (thanks to Paul Mare and Marco Amoedo Martinez) and I are are in the process of releasing a new version of FinDemo. This should be ready in the next two weeks. I’ll post some further information on this in two weeks time right here. Right now I am concentrating a retail banking demo which will be available at the same time. Here is a preview:

Summary of most recent changes (some retail banking components already existed and are not listed here) :


  • Contact Classification by On boarding Status
  • Contacts by Branch
  • Contacts by city
  • Contacts by Classification
  • Contacts by Last Activity
  • Contacts by Month Created
  • Contacts by Tier
  • Contacts by Tier and Satisfaction
  • Contacts by Tier and Territory
  • New Client Rate
  • Top Contacts
  • Total Client Value by Last Activity
  • Total Client Value Onboarding Status
  • Total Client Value by Owner
  • Total Client Value by Territory

Data Model Changes:

  • Branch:
  • Branch Name
  • Branch Sort Code
  • Branch Address


  • Contacts Classification
  • Tier
  • Age
  • Age Group
  • Country of Residence
  • Nationality
  • Primary Branch
  • Other relevant fields already existed

Process Workflows

  • Create a task alert if tier 1 client ahs not been conacted in more than 7 days (needs to be enabled manually)

Business Process

  • KYC 360 – Account Opening Standard
  • KYC 360 – Account Opening HNW


  • Branch Manager Alerts
  • Branch Manager Dashboard
  • Branch Marketing Analytics
  • Branch RM Activity Dashboard
  • Branch Insight Dashboard
  • Branch Value Dashboard

























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