Last December we put together an event here in London, for that event I wrote a demo script which I thought I would share. I hope you find it useful and I’d love to hear any improvements that you have made. It is deliberately generic and I have structured it such that it covers:

  • Outlook Integration
  • Web Client
  • Mobile Client
  • Microsoft Tablet Experience
  • Partner Tablet Experiences
  • CTI and Telephony Integration
  • Social Intelligence & Feeds
  • SharePoint & Collaboration
  • Dashboards & Analytics

The demo takes approximately 25-45 minutes depending on the level of detail you go into.

This article is split into the following:

  1. Demo Setup
  2. Demo Script
  3. Demo Cheat Sheet

Demo Setup

For the purpose of this demo Chris Perry and Ben Burton work for an organisation called WoodGrove and they are working on an opportunity for a company called Northwind.

Create Office 365 Accounts:

  1. Set up Office365 / CRM Online / Lync / SharePoint for the main Demo account (will be used for the two protagonist Chris Perry and Ben Burton) – I highly recommend that you use Demo Builder.

 Create LinkedIn Accounts

  1. Link to you own or create dummy LinkedIn accounts (remember to change visibility of pictures and profile as low as possible – only connections) for Chris Perry and Ben Burton – check the terms of service for LinkedIn to make sure you are not breaking any rules!

Configure CRM Online Instance

  1. Power View: You can use the out of the box CRM instance for the demo, however if you want to use the Power View chart then you need to add a “number of days” field to the Opportunity entity. See related post.
  2. Power View: Create 4 companies, making sure the cities are: Wolverhampton, Derby, Stoke on Trent, Coventry (or as appropriate)
  3. Power View: Import the Opportunities as per the Power View Report. See related post.
  4. Configure the SharePoint and CRM integration and put the proposal document (any word document will do) in the root documents folder for Northwind Traders
  5. Download and Configure InsideView for Microsoft CRM. The trial licence should give you the ability to sync and import contacts, if you have trouble contact InsideView directly. Find a contact that you want to use and that is a real contact in InsideView and use this contact for “Contact XYZ”

 Configure Windows 7 Client machine for Chris Perry and Ben Burton

  1. Create a Windows 7 hyper V for Ben Burton and Chris Perry, Install and Configure CRM for Outlook.
  2. Install intelli-CTI (by Qgate) for MSCRM on the Hyper-V, then install the client and configure to point to the CRM instance above. Create Jim Wilson as a contact in CRM and give him a telephone number, enter this telephone number in the Virtual Simulator.
  3. If you want to show PowerView from the Hyper V (rather than your own physical machine) then you’ll need to install Excel 2013 on the hyper V. Excel 2013 will happily sit along office 2010 however make sure that you only install Excel 2013 by unchecking all the other installation options. Otherwise you might have problems.
  4. Download install and configure the Outlook Social Connector for LinkedIn

Install Mobile Apps on tablet

  1. Download the Sonoma App (EZ Opp) for W8 and configure to point to the Office 365 / CRM online instance
  2. Download Resco W8 app and configure to point to the Office 365 / CRM online instance
  3. You can also use the Power 8 app by Power objects which is very good
  4. Install the W8 Concept Demo (from roadmap)

Demo Script

Demo Introduction
 1. During today’s demo you are going to see a number of different experiences, from desktop, web access and mobile devices. With only one exception at the conclusion of the demo, everything we are going to show you is available today!.  2. Not only that but everything we are going to show you is running live, this is not smoke and mirrors this is a live demonstration using Office 365 and CRM Online!
 3. Today’s demo is a day in the life of Chris Perry and Ben Burton. Chris and Mark both work at Wood Grove Bank. Wood Grove Bank offers a variety of products and services to retail and commercial customers. Chris and Ben work in the Commercial lines division and specialise in Commercial insurance. Chris is the Sales Manager and spends his time between visiting key clients and working in the office. 4. Ben Burton works in the sales support and works almost exclusively from the office.
 5. The day will start with Chris at home. Chris will use his mobile device to find out the latest status of his opportunities before heading into the office. 6. In the meantime Ben is in the office nice and early and is already receiving calls from customers. Ben receives a call from Jim Wilson (head of procurement at Northwind, one of Wood grove’s key prospects)
 7. Chris has made it in the office and is ready to hit the ground running as he already knows exactly what he needs to do today. Chris sees that Ben has booked a follow up with Northwind and that a proposal needs to go out asap. 8. Chris and Ben collaborate in the proposal and get it out on time to Northwind for sign off.
9. Chris leaves the office to meet the customer and uses his mobile device to find directions and update his meeting notes. 10. Ben gets an urgent email from Chris who is about to walk into a senior management meeting following his customer visit. He really needs a report to take with him. Ben has 15 minutes to produce this report.
11. Chris finishes the senior management meeting and travels home. At home he uses this mobile device to contact another customer and update the opportunity using the W8 app.
 Chris Perry  Ben Burton
1. Chris is at home ready to travel into the office. He uses the Sonoma app to review the latest information on his opportunities before travelling into the office. With these new devices and experiences I am able to carry out work that traditionally I would need to wait until I got into the office.
2. I can see here that I have an opportunity “XYZ Opp” and I am going to move this this opportunity to “XYZ % Probability”. I can also drill into the opportunity and see related news, activities etc. I have all the information I need at my fingertips.
3. Whilst Chris is travelling into the office, I’m busy in the office talking to my prospects.
4. I can see right here on my first page “Activity feeds” that Chris has updated the probability of “XYZ Opp”.
5. As I have telephony integration enabled I can see I have an inbound call from “Jim Wilson”. Jim tells me that he has received the draft proposal and would like the final version sent to his manager “Contact XYZ” for approval.
6. Whilst I am writing my notes I notice that I do not have “Contact XYZ” in the system. Not to worry, using InsideView I can create the record right away in CRM. This is “Contact XYZ” record look how information was automatically published into the system for me.
7. I’m now ready to complete the proposal with Chris’s import and sent it to “Contact XYZ”.
8. I’ve now made it in the office and Outlook is where I tend to spend my day. Outlook is personalised to show me just the things I need. Outlook also learns the way I work.
9. I can see the follow that Ben has created for me so I am Ben to see if he needs help.
10. I open the document from the account record and start collaborating with Ben
11. While Chris is having fun in Outlook, I am going to be busy working on the proposal for “Contact XYZ” at Northwind.
12. I access the proposal that is stored SharePoint directly from the CRM record. The CRM record gives me all the features I expect and love from SharePoint (version control, check out, setting alerts etc).
13. I open the document and as I type I can see that others are also working on the document. I can see that Chis is working as I do. Using Lync I can engage in a conversation directly with Chris about the sections he wants to edit. The documents locks regions that Chris is editing, the document also highlights the sections that Chris has edited.
14. I open an email to send to Ben (look at how Outlook automatically displays his presence and social feed). Regarding shows me all the records that I use most frequent.
15. Look how I can attach sales literature directly from the email record!
16. Having sent the document to “Contact XYZ” at Northwind, Chris goes on the road to visit her. He uses the Resco Mobile app to find the offices and types his notes.
17. As I leave the meeting I get an email from the UK Sales director asking for a territory review. He wants to see all my opportunities by region and he also wants to know the profile of my opportunities over the last FY. I only have 15 minutes to do this! So I give Ben the good news! 18. Ben gets Chris email, I know he is nervous but I’m totally comfortable because I know how easy it is for me to do analytics in MSCRM.
19. Firstly I export Chris’s opportunities. Using PowerPivot look how I can plot his opps on a map! Look how I can set the size of the bubble to match the size of the opp.
20. That is not all, I now need to give Chris a FY review of all his opps. To save time I have precreated the export and watch as I configure the scatter chart to meet Chris requirements. I know have a good view of the last 12 months. But wait, what if I want to visualise how the opps have progressed, well if I set the actual end date to the play axis I can see exactly that!
21. Phew, that is exactly what I needed and the management team where pleased that I was in control of my pipeline!
22. It been a good day at work but I’m not done yet.
23. Everything you have been up until now is available now, You’ve already seen some mobile experiences from our partners. What I am about to show you are the sort of experiences that you will see from Microsoft over the coming months.
24. Run through W8 demo app.

Demo Cheat Sheet:

If I am ever doing a complex demo I like to keep a cheat sheet next to my laptop do I know exactly what I am doing. The cheat sheet below is for the scenario above.

  1. Open Sonoma App
  2. Drill into Northwind Opportunity and go back to Sonoma Start screen
  3. Make the Northwind Opportunity a bigger opp and a bigger percentage. Save and close
  4. Show Activity Feeds screen
  5. Simulate inbound call from Jim Wilson
  6. Answer the phone call from Jim and open the Northwind record from the CTI agent client
  7. Write notes on Northwind and hang up the call
  8. Show that the contact does not exist and sync the contact using InsideView
  9. Using the CTI agent schedule the follow up with Chris, set northwind as regarding, todays date
  10. Show Outlook and how the follow up in the outlook pane
  11. IM Ben to ask if he needs help on the proposal
  12. Open the Northwind record from regarding and open the proposal for editing
  13. Open the Proposal document and start selecting quick parts
  14. Collaborate and chat with Chris
  15. Save and send the document, save in drafts and thank Chris for his help
  16. Open the draft email, show linkedin, regarding, insert literature and send
  17. Open Resco App
  18. Show Follow up call
  19. Show email
  20. Show map
  21. Export data from CRM
  22. Create two pivot charts
  23. Open W8 concept app
  24. Do W8 concept app demo

This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Next Week: A Sample Project Scoping Document